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Deep Politics and the Death of Iris Chang, Part 1

FTR #1107

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Mr. Emory has how fin-ished and pub-lished AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes lis-ten-ers and read-ers will close-ly exam-ine, record and dis-sem-i-nate this infor-ma-tion. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

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“The Sea-graves have uncov-ered one of the biggest secrets of the Twen-ti-eth Century”–Iris Chang, quot-ed on the front cov-er of Gold War-riors.

 Late last year (2019), the city of San Jose (Cal-i-for-nia) opened a park ded-i-cat-ed to the mem-o-ry of the late author Iris Chang.

These broad-casts update and sup-ple-ment dis-cus-sion of Iris Chang’s alleged “sui-cide,” high-light-ed in FTR #509. Of par-tic-u-lar sig-nif-i-cance is the fact that the Gold-en Lily loot and the deci-sive polit-i-cal and eco-nom-ic fac-tors stem-ming from the mate-r-i-al cov-ered in Gold War-riors, the oth-er books by Ster-ling and Peg-gy Sea-grave, and Ms. Chang’s The Rape of Nanking, have enor-mous and ongo-ing sig-nif-i-cance.

(FTR #‘s 427, 428, 446, 451, 501, 509, 688689 deal with the sub-ject of the Gold-en Lily pro-gram suc-cess-ful-ly imple-ment-ed by the Japan-ese to loot Asia. That loot was merged with Nazi gold, became the Black Eagle Trust, which not only financed Cold War covert oper-a-tions but under-wrote much of the post-war glob-al econ-o-my. Philip-pine dic-ta-tor Fer-di-nand Mar-cos recov-ered a tremen-dous amount of the Gold-en Lily loot, some of which was shared with  the Japan-ese, some with  the U.S. and much of it kept by Mar-cos. The Mar-cos “Black Gold” fig-ures promi-nent-ly in the deep pol-i-tics sur-round-ing the death of Ms. Chang.)

In Novem-ber of 2004, author and inves-ti-ga-tor Iris Chang was found dead of an alleged-ly self-inflict-ed gun-shot wound. This pro-gram exam-ines the cir-cum-stances sur-round-ing her death.

Her land-mark book The Rape of Nanking, Ms. Chang doc-u-ment-ed the Japan-ese atroc-i-ties which gave that occu-pa-tion its name. The rape of Nanking saw the begin-ning of the Japan-ese Gold-en Lily pro-gram, which yield-ed the spec-tac-u-lar loot-ed wealth and post-war eco-nom-ic and polit-i-cal intrigue doc-u-ment-ed in the Sea-graves’ inci-sive text Gold War-riors.

The Rape of Nankingdrew much hos-tile reac-tion from the Japan-ese right and relat-ed forces:  “. . . . At the same time, tor-rents of hate mail came in, Brett [her hus-band] said. ‘Iris is sen-si-tive, but she got charged up,’ he recalled. ‘When any-body ques-tioned the valid-i-ty of what she wrote, she would respond with over-whelm-ing evi-dence to back it up. She’s very much a per-fec-tion-ist. It was hard for her not to react every sin-gle time.’ Most of the attacks came from Japan-ese ultra-na-tion-al-ists. ‘We saw car-toons where she was por-trayed as this woman with a great big mouth,‘Brett said. ‘She got used to the fact that there is a Web site called ‘Iris Chang and Her Lies.’ She would just laugh.’ But friends say Iris began to voice con-cerns for her safe-ty. She believed her phone was tapped. She described find-ing threat-en-ing notes on her car. She said she was con-front-ed by a man who said, ‘You will NOT con-tin-ue writ-ing this.’ She used a post office box, nev-er her home address, for mail. ‘There are a fair num-ber of peo-ple who don’t take kind-ly to what she wrote in The Rape of Nanking.’ Brett said, ‘so she’s always been very, very pri-vate about our fam-i-ly life.’ . . . .”

(As we have seen in–among oth-er pro-grams–FTR #‘s 813, 905, 969, 970, the Japan-ese “ultra-na-tion-al-ists” were put right back in pow-er by the Amer-i-can occu-pa-tion forces, as the Sea-graves doc-u-ment in Gold War-riors, as well as The Yam-a-to Dynasty.)

At the time of her death, Ms. Chang was research-ing a book chron-i-cling the expe-ri-ences of sur-vivors of the Bataan Death March—the bru-tal per-se-cu-tion of Amer-i-can POW’s cap-tured in the siege of Bataan in the Philip-pines dur-ing World War II. Many of the sur-vivors were shipped to Japan to work as slave labor-ers for major Japan-ese cor-po-ra-tions.

Many of these cor-po-ra-tions have had pro-found con-nec-tions with their Amer-i-can transna-tion-al coun-ter-parts, and were the ben-e-fi-cia-ries of Amer-i-can invest-ment cap-i-tal in the run-up to World War II. More impor-tant-ly, many of these cor-po-ra-tions are a prin-ci-pal ele-ment of the US/Japanese -mer-cial rela-tion-ship today.

Law-suits in Cal-i-for-nia tar-get-ed those Japan-ese cor-po-ra-tions for -pen-sa-tion for the slave labor wrung from the Bat-taan POWs. The State Depart-ment sided with the Japan-ese and Judge Vaughn Walk-er ruled against the Bataan sur-vivors.

Per-haps most impor-tant-ly, in-depth cov-er-age of the Bataan Death March would uncov-er the Black Eagle Trust and the fun-da-men-tal role in post-World War II Amer-i-can and Japan-ese pol-i-tics of the vast wealth loot-ed by Japan dur-ing World War II. That pur-loined “black gold” is inex-tri-ca-bly linked with U.S. covert oper-a-tions and is at the epi-cen-ter of post-war Japan-ese pow-er pol-i-tics and econ-o-my.

In addi-tion to the Rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March sur-vivors, Ms. Chang’s research cut across some deep polit-i-cal dynam-ics con-nect-ed to then-Pres-i-dent George W. Bush’s admin-is-tra-tion and his busi-ness deal-ings.

George W. Bush:

  1. Was using U.S. Naval forces to secure Japan-ese war gold from the Philip-pines for his per-son-al blind trust.
  2. Was deeply involved with Harken Ener-gy, which may well have been a cor-po-rate front for the acqui-si-tion and recy-cling of Gold-en Lily loot and Bor-mann mon-ey.
  3. Was heir to a deep polit-i-cal her-itage involv-ing, among oth-ers, the fam-i-ly of William Stamps Far-ish, the head of Stan-dard Oil of New Jer-sey dur-ing the time it man-i-fest-ed its car-tel agree-ments with I.G. Far-ben. Dubya ben-e-fit-ed from his father’s lega-cy of involve-ment with the milieu of Dou-glas MacArthur. George H.W. Bush’s deep polit-i-cal con-nec-tions in the Philip-pines include the involve-ment of both Trump cam-paign man-ag-er Paul Man-afort and Trump and GOP trick-ster Roger Stone with Fer-di-nand Mar-cos while the dic-ta-tor was involved with the recov-ery of Gold-en Lily loot.
  4. Served as a direc-tor of Harken when the head of the firm was Alan Quasha, son of William Quasha, an attor-ney for the CIA-linked Nugan Hand Bank, a focal point of AFA #25William had been Alien Prop-er-ty cus-to-di-an in the Philip-pines under Dou-glas MacArthur, which placed him in a posi-tion to great-ly influ-ence the “Alien Prop-er-ty” placed there by the Japan-ese under Gold-en Lily.

There is evi-dence to sug-gest that Ms. Chang’s death may have result-ed from mind con-trol, admin-is-tered to neu-tral-ize her as a threat to those clan-des-tine eco-nom-ic and nation-al secu-ri-ty rela-tion-ships that have gov-erned US/Japanese affairs in the post-war peri-od. Ms. Chang had received threats ever since the pub-li-ca-tion of her land-mark text The Rape of Nanking.

(For more about the gov-ern-men-t’s mind con-trol pro-grams, see, among oth-er broad-casts, AFA #‘s 5–7. Key parts of that AFA series are excerpt-ed in FTR #‘s 974, 975, 976, 977.)

She appears to have been under sur-veil-lance, and her “sui-cide” note alleged that a sus-pi-cious intern-ment in a psy-chi-atric hos-pi-tal may have been ini-ti-at-ed at the insti-ga-tion of the ele-ments opposed to a ruf-fling of the Japanese/US feath-ers. In addi-tion to threat-en-ing to expose a dom-i-nant fac-tor in U.S. covert oper-a-tions, a key ele-ment in the post-war Amer-i-can and glob-al econ-o-my, Ms. Chang’s inves-ti-ga-tion of Japan-ese war crimes was an irri-tant to the Japan-ese estab-lish-ment that had thrived on the gold and oth-er wealth loot-ed from occu-pied coun-tries since World War II.

Ms. Chang’s “sui-cide” note read, in part: “. . . .There are aspects of my expe-ri-ence in Louisville that I will nev-er under-stand. . . . . I can nev-er shake my belief that I was being recruit-ed, and lat-er per-se-cut-ed, by forces more pow-er-ful than I could have imag-ined. Whether it was the CIA or some oth-er orga-ni-za-tion I will nev-er know. As long as I am alive, these forces will nev-er stop hound-ing me. Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep fore-bod-ing about my safe-ty. I sensed sud-den-ly threats to my own life: an eerie feel-ing that I was being fol-lowed in the streets, the white van parked out-side my house, dam-aged mail arriv-ing at my P.O. Box. I believe my deten-tion at Nor-ton Hos-pi-tal was the gov-ern-men-t’s attempt to dis-cred-it me. . . .”

At the con-clu-sion of the pro-gram, we review Rita Katz’s expe-ri-ences after she helped break the inves-ti-ga-tion into the SAAR net-work that became known  as Oper-a-tion Green Quest. That inves-ti-ga-tion over-lapped George W. Bush’s firm Harken Ener-gy. Note the sim-i-lar-i-ty between Iris Chang’s expe-ri-ences and those  of Rita  Katz. ” . . . . White vans and SUV’s with dark win-dows appeared near all the homes of the SAAR inves-ti-ga-tors. All agents, some of whom were very expe-ri-enced with sur-veil-lance, knew they were being fol-lowed. So was I. I felt that I was being fol-lowed every-where and watched at home, in the super-mar-ket, on the way to work . . . and for what? . Now—I was being watched 24/7. It’s a ter-ri-ble sen-sa-tion to know that you have no pri-va-cy. . . . and no secu-ri-ty. That strange click-ing of the phones that wasn’t there before. . . the oh-so-crude-ly opened mail at home in the office. . . and the same man I spied in my neigh-bor-hood super-mar-ket, who was also on the train I took to Wash-ing-ton a week ago. . . Life can be mis-er-able when you know that someone’s always breath-ing down your neck. . . .”

In con-ver-sa-tions with friends, Ms. Chang not-ed that her prob-lems were “exter-nal, not in her head. She also felt she was being “recruit-ed” to bee a “Manchuri-an Can-di-date” for the CIA–i.e. being sub-ject-ed to mind con-trol. ” . . . . in her last year she became para-noid about every-thing from virus-es attack-ing her -put-er to attempts by the gov-ern-ment to “recruit” her, a la The Manchuri-an Can-di-date. . . . .”

Pro-gram High-lights Include:  The alleged role of Japan-ese war crim-i-nal Tsu-ji Masanobu in aid-ing the Mar-cos gold recov-er-ies in the Philip-pines; the role of Tsu-ji Masanobu in imple-ment-ing the Bataan Death March; William Stamps Far-ish III’s stew-ard-ship of Dubya’s blind trust, for which Philip-pines war gold was appar-ent-ly being sought; William Stamps Far-ish (I) and his stew-ard-ship of Stan-dard Oil of New Jer-sey, when it col-lab-o-rat-ed with I.G. Far-ben; George H.W. Bush’s asso-ci-a-tion with the descen-dants of Amer-i-can cor-po-rate fig-ures who col-lab-o-rat-ed with the Third Reich.


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